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The decision to go against the general trend and start a yarn dyeing plant in 2008 represented a fascinating challenge for Gruppo Colle. This turned out to be a successful choice, thanks to the great talent of our technicians, a shared quality-oriented corporate culture and constant dedication to service.
Our production capacity for the yarn department is about 4000 Kg / day.
Our equipment is composed of two two-bobbin machines, two four-bobbin machines, one twelve-bobbin machine, three twenty-bobbin machines, five fifty-bobbin machines, three one-hundred-bobbin machines, two two-hundred-and-tenbobbin machines, and one four-hundred-and-twenty-bobbin machine.

Yarn dyeing is a type of dyeing which is used for vegetable natural fibers (such as cotton, linen, hemp, ramie...), animal natural fibers (such as merino wool, lambswool etc.), which include the so called natural luxury fibers (that is alpaca, angora, cashmere, mohair, vicuna, silk, llama hair, camehairl, beaver hair, deer hair...), synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester, acrylic, modacrylic, aramid and metaramidic fibers, also in microfiber...), artificial fibers (bamboo, viscose, acetate, triacetate, lyocell, modal fabric...).

The yarn produced with this method is used for knitwear, clothing and furniture.

In addition to dyeing, we carry out other treatments, such as:

- Depigmentation
- Anti-shrinkage treatment (MacroWash)
- Flame-retardant Treatment
- Anti-moth Treatment
- Anti-bacterial Treatments
- Waterproof Treatment
- Oilproof Treatment