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Gruppo Colle is a company that has always rooted itself in technological innovation and that is exactly why it has strategically decided to internalize most of its IT services. Thanks to this decision, the last few years have been characterized by a constant evolution of the company's IT systems and we now, thanks to the introduction of highquality devices, we boast fiber optic backbones and high speed data lines - a net infrastructure complying with the most advanced quality standards.

Each of the Group's branches has its own Data Center, where virtual servers hosting our applications and web services are located. What's more, the in-house development of web-based applications integrated with the company's IT system allows employees, clients and collaborators to access useful information wherever they may be.

Our real strength, however, is in the team of software engineers that over the years has developed the company's management platform and is able to adapt any procedure to new needs and projects on a daily basis, implementing new features and designing integration systems along with the clients.

Another task of the ICT department is to manage the company's state-of-the-art telecommunication system, based on VOIP and 4G technology. This system merges landlines and mobile technology in one device, thus optimizing the management costs and, above all, simplifying the whole infrastructure, which is no longer bound to any proprietary standard but rather follows the development of new mobile communication technologies that have characterized this era as well as the years to come.

Since 2007, Gruppo Colle is also a proud member of the committee promoting the eBiz standard, a project carried out in collaboration with ENEA and the European Community, aiming to optimize business processes between companies in the textile sector.