Present future


Present future

We believe in the importance of tackling current challenges to create a positive impact on the future.
Today, like yesterday.

Our company is driven by a charter of values upon which we base our identity, and it guides every decision and action we undertake. These values reflect our commitment to excellence, integrity, and the creation of a positive impact on the world that surrounds us.
Our business model is directed at: 

We have never been so aware of our impact on the environment and on society and our key role for the sustainability of the textile supply chain. For this reason, inspired and aligned with the goals of sustainable development set by the United Nations through the SDGs contained in the Agenda 2030, we have taken on a clear environmental and social responsibility by supporting the roadmaps of 4sustainability, making ours the values and the programmes of action it sets out. Consult our e-report.

We support our staff with training, personal development and wellness initiatives, with the goal of building a circular relationship able to generate opportunity, through mutual listening.

Open collaboration and mutual respect are essential for our business culture.
We facilitate dialogue with the local community, suppliers, competitors and our customers because we believe that the culture of relationships is the basis of social and economic progress.

These values represent a moral guide for each member of our team and guide us towards the accomplishment of our mission and vision. We are convinced that it is only by fully embracing these principles that a prosperous and sustainable future is possible for all.
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