Process certifications


Process certifications

We are aware of the need to carry out our activities while fully respecting the environment, local communities, and with a view to sustainable development.

The ongoing search to improve our processes makes us a reliable supplier for all those brands which require certification of every step of the supply chain, and it represents a competitive edge in an increasingly attentive market. A trusted partner is a responsible partner.

Gruppo Colle reconciles financial criteria and social responsibility with a view to sustainable and fair performance.
Through measures of energy efficiency and requalification, we have succeeded in significantly reducing atmospheric emissions and obtaining tangible economic and productive advantages.

Our investments.

Optimisation of energy resources is one of our primary goals.
We invest in research and innovation as follows:

- construction of new headquarters, inaugurated in 2024, and built according to the principles of sustainable architecture. The project is based on thermal and energy optimisation, through the installation of an intelligent digitalised system to control consumption with the installation of new cutting-edge 4.0 steam generators, to increase efficiency with 30/40% saving of resources and 98% efficiency performance. The lighting is also based on principles of efficiency, function and saving.

- requalification of production buildings: energy requalification of a local unit (see the project co-financed by the POR FESR Tuscany 2014-2020); full replacement of the lighting system with low consumption led units; replacement of the central heating plant which serves the local unit with high performance condensation boiler; replacement of window and door frames to improve comfort of work environments; heat recovery from wastewater through the installation of 2 heat exchangers.

- project with the university of Pisa to create new fluorescent colourants (see the project co-financed by POR FESR Tuscany 2014-2020)

EMAS Certification

EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) certification is a voluntary environmental management system developed by the European Union. EMAS is designed to encourage organisations to continuously improve their environmental performance through the assessment and reduction of the environmental impact of their activities.
The certification provides for the creation/implementation of 
- an environmental register: the organisations must register and document their environmental performance, including data regarding emissions, energy consumption, waste, and other important environmental aspects.
- an environmental assessment: the organisations must submit themselves to an initial environmental assessment, analysing the environmental impact of their activities. This process helps to identify areas of improvement and to set environmental goals.
-an environmental assessment: the organisations must develop and implement an environmental policy that reflects their commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental management.
- monitoring: EMAS-certified organisations must regularly monitor their environmental performance and provide detailed reports in the environmental register.
- environmental audits: the organisations must submit themselves to regular environmental audits by independent auditors. The audits verify compliance with EMAS standards and help to identify opportunities for improvement.
- environmental communication: EMAS encourages organisations to communicate their environmental performance openly and transparently to all interested parties, contributing to responsibility and public trust. 


Global discussion boards have been set up in recent years on themes of environmental sustainability and eco-toxicity. Important Brands take part to reduce the chemical substances used in production because they are toxic and harmful to man and to the environment.
Highly developed chemical management allows our technicians to understand any risks associated to the chemical substances and study the best production process to meet and satisfy the requests of the customer. This is supported by a chemical inventory which is continuously updated and allows to manage chemical products and colourants in the best way possible through targeted analyses conducted at accredited laboratories according to the quality parameters requested. Finally, complete traceability of auxiliaries, colourants and textile materials supported by the respect of good manufacturing practices keeps under control the processes carried out at our production facilities and enables the processed materials to comply almost fully with the increasingly stringent requirements of the market.
All the processes carried out at the plants of the Group will respect the parameters set out in the Product Restricted Substances List (hereinafter PRSL).
Samples of the incoming materials will be temporarily stored in a way to verify, in case of any non-conformities, that exceeding the limits indicated in the PRSL is effectively attributable to the processes carried out at our plants and not due to contaminations already present on the substrata. This will allow to establish the final reachable values linked to the possible sum effect: initial presence on the material and any micro-contamination of the process. 
Gruppo Colle will keep small amounts of the incoming substrata for 60 days. After this time, the company will not accept any type of complaint. The raw and secondary materials and all regenerated items will be treated separately. In this case, sampling which exactly reproduces the population present in the materials sent will be difficult. In any case, compliance with the PRSL in our production processes is guaranteed.  
For special production processes or specific requests which could require chemical formulations not suited to the realisation of products compliant with our PRSL, our technicians and sales staff will contact you and suggest valid alternatives to ensure the final product the requirements requested but also the chemical-physical performance and the colour and visible characteristics desired. In case of special requests, Gruppo Colle can provide a technical support service to analyse your needs and work out a method to achieve the best possible results. In case of particularly stringent specifications, full control of the production processes and full traceability will enable application of colourants, auxiliaries and formulations, controlled lot by lot and, in agreement with the customer, it will be possible to carry out chemical controls during the entire cycle: from the incoming raw materials to the analyses of the outgoing materials from the production site. This work practice will allow complete monitoring of the wet processing activities carried out to ensure the best technical results achievable in terms of quality and eco-toxicology.
For information contact:
Jacopo Parlanti - Chemical Manager
Office: +39 0574 980709
Mobile: +39 344 3808203
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