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The introduction of the REACH Regulation has involved – and involves- an important organizational commitment for the enterprises of the textile and footwear production that have to conform their own production process and their own operating modes to the requirements of the Regulation.

Compared with international competitors not submitted to so strict regulations, the Made In Italy system is further burdened with new and heavy obligations and constraints. By knowing this situation the Associazione Tessile e Salute is engaging in technical committees to adapt the dictates of the EU Regulations to the real working conditions of  the Italian enterprises by supporting at the same time these enterprises to manage as better as possible the problems coming from the introduction of the REACH Regulation.

The certification proposed by the Associazione Tessile e Salute and Unionfiliere is not to be added to what requested by the REACH but on the contrary, by making them own and binding the basic principles to the health protection and the integrity of the production chains, represents for the Italian enterprises a fundamental competitive advantage.

The companies that produce semi-manufactured products have frequently to face requests and specifications fixed by customers. These requests that often refer both to the European legislation and the one in other states (US, China…) or to voluntary certification systems developed by each enterprise or organized groups with the goal to get from the supplying company a legal guarantee about the safety of the materials and items sold.

The certification proposed by the Associazione Tessile e Salute allows to simplify this procedure so relieving companies of workloads and time spent putting them in conditions to meet each requirement.

This is a certification that increases the competitiveness :

  • it differs Italian companies from international competitors;
  • it certifies the traceability and ensures the safety of products by stating their production chain and processes;
  • it ensures both the production process and the safety of the product obtained;
  • standards and methods of analysis develop according to the new knowledges coming from the National Health System.

Experts of the Associazione Tessile e Salute will help companies to adapt their production processes to the requirements set out for a continuous improvement.