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Environment & Sustainability


In order to satisfy market demands and allow customers to comply with the parameters set by the voluntary specifications of their customers, Gruppo Colle has implemented the processing management system in order to increase the sustainability of industrial processes and products.

For years the company has based its work on respect for environmental values ​​and the ethical principles of civil society. The pursuit of this goal finds expression in the corporate culture, in relations with institutions and with the partners in the production chain. Attention to detail, continuous renewal, and the synergy between tradition and innovation represent our distinctive approach to production activities. In addition to responding to the mandatory regulations and the limits imposed by the voluntary specifications of the major Brand Owners to meet our customers, we want to stimulate this sensitivity in all our partners within our sector, in order to contribute to the development of a culture of sustainability in the entire sector.

We believe that it is part of corporate social responsibility to broaden the horizons also by looking at the effects of its activity on the environment and by directing economic development towards more sustainable balances. It is an ambitious goal that we want to pursue, not only through constant attention to the management of the company, but also by aiming for long-term growth that can only be achieved through the safeguarding of knowledge and continuous improvement, respecting the most stringent international standards and responding to the expectations of all stakeholders.

In recent years, global discussion tables have been created in the field of environmental sustainability and eco-toxicity in which important brands participate in the reduction of toxic and harmful chemicals for humans and the environment used in production.

Thanks to a particularly developed chemical management, our technicians are able to understand the possible risks associated with chemical substances and study the best manufacturing process in order to meet and satisfy the customer's requests. All this is possible also thanks to a continuously updated chemical inventory that allows, through targeted analyzes carried out in accredited laboratories, to better manage chemical products and dyes based on the required quality parameters. Finally, the complete traceability of the auxiliaries, dyes and textile materials assisted by compliance with good manufacturing practices allows us to keep the work carried out at our production sites under control by allowing the processed materials to comply with almost all of the increasingly stringent requests of the market.

All work performed at the Group's facilities will comply with the parameters shown on the Product Restricted Substances List (hereinafter PRSL).

Samples of incoming materials will be temporarily stored so as to verify, in the event of any non-conformities, that the exceeding of the limits indicated in the PRSL is actually attributable to the work performed at our factories and not due to contamination already present on the substrates. This will allow us to establish the final achievable values ​​linked to the possible sum effect: initial presence on the material and possible micro-contamination of the process.

Gruppo Colle will keep small aliquots of incoming substrates for a period of 60 days. After this term, the company will not accept any type of dispute. Separate raw materials and all regenerated raw materials will be dealt with separately. In this case it will be difficult to perform a sampling that exactly reproduces the population present in the materials sent. Compliance with the PRSL in our work will be guaranteed.

For special processing or specific requests that may require chemical formulations not suitable for the production of products conforming to our PRSL, our technicians and sales staff will contact you and propose valid alternatives in order to find a meeting point that ensures the requirements for the final product required but also the chemical-physical performances and the desired colorimetric and visible characteristics. In the case of special requests, Gruppo Colle can provide a technical support service that will be able to analyze your needs and study a working method that will allow you to achieve the best possible results. In the case of particularly stringent specifications, full control of the processes and complete traceability will allow the application of dyes, auxiliaries and formulations controlled lot by lot and, in agreement with the customer, chemical checks can be performed during the entire cycle: from the raw materials in input up to the analysis of the materials leaving the production site. This working practice will allow the complete monitoring of the wet processing carried out, allowing to guarantee the best technical results obtainable in the qualitative and eco-toxicological field.

For informations contact:
Dott. Jacopo Parlanti - Chemical Manager
Office: +39 0574 980709
Mobile: +39 344 3808203

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